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Hearing Loss / Hearing Aid Myths

There's an aspect of denial that frequently goes along with hearing loss and hearing aid technology. The average time it takes for someone to experience hearing loss and actually do something about it is seven years! In our mind, that's too long of a time for someone to live life at less than 100%. Hopefully our dispelling of common myths can help to show some truths within this common—yet misunderstood—condition.

MYTH: "My hearing loss isn't that big of a deal because it doesn't affect anyone else but me."

FACT: The truth is that hearing loss affect everyone around you from your spouse who you communicate with every day, to friends, extended family, and co-workers. The best thing you can do if you suspect you have hearing loss is to get a hearing examination. At Alonso Hearing Aids, we can identify your hearing condition and get you on the path to improved communication.

MYTH: "Hearing aids are too expensive and I cannot afford this luxury."

FACT: Hearing aids are a necessity, not a luxury. Hearing, along with sight, touch, and smell connect us to the world. When hearing loss is left untreated, the result can be a sense of isolation, depression, cognitive decline, and memory loss. Hearing aids are available in a range of prices and technology levels to suit your unique needs and budget. Remember, payment plans can be set up to help ease financial burden. The value of enhanced communication, connection, and confidence outweighs the cost of the instruments.

MYTH: "My neighbor wears a hearing aid and told me it is the best out there, so I don’t need any other technology option."

FACT: Everybody is different! While it is important to surround yourself with helpful, supportive family and friends while you are adapting to new hearing aids, it is also recommended you follow the lead of your audiologist in determining what type or style of device is appropriate for you. The instrument selected is based on a number of factors and varies greatly from patient to patient. Factors include: the size and shape of the ear, hearing evaluation results, lifestyle, recreational activities, dexterity, physical abilities, and the type, configuration, or severity of the hearing loss. All of these elements are looked at to ensure each patient is fit with technology best for their particular needs.

MYTH: "I can get by with just one hearing aid."

FACT: If hearing loss is present in both ears, the best results will be achieved by wearing two hearing aids. This is because our brain relies on the input it receives from both ears to determine where sounds are coming from, how far away they are, and to decode what is coming in. Using one hearing aid when there is hearing loss in both ears will not give the best results since research repeatedly shows that binaural amplification results in better hearing in noise, better hearing at a distance, and a better ability to hear soft sounds.

MYTH: "Only elderly people have hearing loss."

FACT: While some hearing loss is part of the natural aging process, the 36 million Americans who experience hearing loss include men, women and children of all ages. Similar to the way your eyesight could worsen at any age, your hearing ability could worsen at any time as well. What’s more, age is not the only cause of hearing loss. If you work(ed) in a noisy environment, listen to loud music frequently, or spend a lot of time at places like concerts, sporting events, or bars/clubs, you are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss.

MYTH: "Hearing devices are bulky and difficult to use, just like my grandfather’s were."

FACT: Hearing aids come in many shapes and styles. Some sit behind the ear with an inconspicuous tube that leads to the ear canal. Some sit in the ear itself, and some sit completely invisible inside the ear. Today's hearing devices are so sleek and discreet that many patients say that they forget they're wearing them. Hearing technology has also greatly improved. Automatic setting adjustments, smartphone connectivity, and other convenient features create a nearly effortless hearing experience.

MYTH: "I should only have a hearing consultation when I notice problems with my hearing."

FACT: It’s recommended that everyone has their hearing checked annually, just like you’d get a physician’s checkup or your teeth cleaned. Because hearing loss develops gradually and sometimes without being noticed, annual hearing consultations will allow our team to evaluate and monitor your hearing health so that any changes can be identified quickly. Untreated hearing loss gets worse over time and can lead to other health concerns like depression and dementia, so it’s important to act on your hearing loss as soon as you know it exists. If a hearing solution is recommended, we will work with you to find one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

MYTH: "I can't wear my hearing devices while exercising."

FACT: Hearing aid styles and technology have come a long way in recent years. Since today's hearing devices are designed with your active lifestyle in mind, most of today's instruments are water-resistant, durable, and custom-fit to keep up with any pace. We will take both your hearing and your lifestyle needs into account when helping you find the devices that are right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hearing Loss

We strive to be the leading source in the city of Miami, Florida on the subject of hearing aid technology, hearing loss, and much more. The following are various questions we get specifically on the subject of hearing loss. Hopefully our answers prove helpful to you.

Q. I'm not sure if I have hearing loss. What are the signs?

A. Some signs of hearing loss include if you need increase the volume of the TV or you have a problem speaking on the phone.

While in conversation, you will notice that you continue to ask people to repeat themselves. It may be especially hard to hear and understand people at a family dinner or large gathering. You would also have difficulty at church hearing what the pastor is saying. These are just a few examples.

Q. What causes hearing loss?

A. There are two types of hearing loss. The first type could be caused by genetics or result as a natural part of the aging process. The second type, noise-induced hearing loss, is caused by exposure to excessively loud sounds that damages the hair cells in the inner ear. This can happen from a single loud event or gradually over time. The current standard says that experiencing any noise measuring 85 decibels (a lawn mower) or louder for an extended period of time without hearing protection can lead to hearing damage.

Q. How is hearing loss diagnosed?

A. Our team can perform a brief hearing consultation to evaluate your ability to hear various sounds. We will perform a non-invasive test to identify whether or not you have hearing loss, and if you do, its type, severity, and frequency range. Each person’s hearing loss is unique, and this test will help us understand your hearing needs. We can then work with you to find the right solution for your needs and your lifestyle.

Q. I only seem to have trouble hearing once in a while. Do I still need hearing devices?

A. If left untreated, any amount of hearing difficulty can have negative effects on your overall health. Recent studies have found a link between untreated hearing loss and other health concerns like hypertension, dementia, and depression. Moreover, when you can’t hear as well, your brain will start to lose its ability to recognize certain aspects of speech. This process is irreversible, so using hearing aids as soon as you notice the difficulty will help to maintain your remaining hearing ability as best as possible.

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