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At Alonso Hearing Aid, Corp., we carry all styles of hearing aids, and we always aim to provide what is best for the patient. We take different factors into account, for example, the amount of hearing loss, the patient’s dexterity, the patient’s lifestyle, and the special necessities the patient has. We try to see everything together as a whole picture, and then determine the brand and style of hearing aids.

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We work with all manufacturers and multi-line dispension. We always aim to get the patient the best quality hearing aid at the best price.

Which Device is Best?

We offer multiple product lines which means we can offer a product that precisely matches your needs. We have instruments that are 100% automatic, so if a patient just wants to put it on and go, they can. Other patients prefer to control the instruments themselves. Manual adjustments to control microphone technology and beam width, multiple memories, noise reduction features, volume, etc. can be adjusted either onboard, from a watch, smart phone or a remote control. Wireless technology and smartphone technology allows streaming from other devices such as TVs, computers, and smartphones. This allows patients to take phone calls, stream music, use apps, and listen to podcasts from their smartphone directly through the hearing aids.

Long story short, we won't know what brand or style of hearing aid is best for you until we meet with you to understand your specific hearing needs. Everyone is different, and everybody's hearing loss is different.

The Latest Technology

There are two major advancements in hearing technology today. One is the on-board processor from Signia because it processes sound in a whole new way, and makes the patient's voice sound more natural than ever before.

The other is Oticon, with the Opn which uses brain processing. Hearing relies heavily on the brain, not just the ears, and the Opn takes this into account.

Ask us about both these manufacturers during your visit to our Miami office!

Follow-Up and Maintenance

You need to take care of your hearing aid every day. Not cleaning is the number one enemy of a hearing aid. You need to make sure you clean it every day. You also need to replace the wax guard regularly. Be aware if you often wear your devices in humid areas because humidity can damage the hearing aid and affect its performance.

Fresh batteries are important too. When you remove the sticker on the battery, you need to keep the battery getting air for about one or two minutes before put it in the hearing aid. This helps it last longer.

Secure Warranty

Most hearing aid providers are only able to offer warranties up to three years, because that's what is available through the manufacturer. However, with EarQ devices, you can get the Secure Warranty, covering your hearing aid technology for a full four years. These devices can also be treated by any EarQ provider across the United States, so if you're traveling and need service—not a problem!

Ask us about this during your appointment!

Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Satisfaction with hearing aids is greatly dependent upon realistic expectations. Many expect hearing aids to recreate their hearing abilities of fifty years ago, but it does not work that way. While hearing aids will improve hearing, they are not a cure for hearing loss.

During the initial stages of hearing aid use, you are going to experience sounds of which you were previously unaware or had forgotten. Some sounds may be disturbing, such as traffic noises, the tumult in your favorite restaurant, or children screaming and playing. We do live in a noisy world, but it is the only one we have. You're going to feel more comfortable in it when you can more fully hear what is going on.

"Getting used to hearing aids" really means just that. You will be undergoing a learning process. Because you haven't heard certain sounds for a long time, your brain needs time to acclimate and reorganize the acoustic stimuli. The more you wear them, the faster this process will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hearing Aid

As your Miami expert on all things hearing aid related, we'd like to share some answers to common questions we get on the subject of hearing aid technology.

Q. My hearing is getting worse. If I get a hearing aid, won't I just have to replace them later?

A. Eventually you will need to replace your hearing aid as technology keeps evolving; however, a pair of hearing aids should last you about three to five years depending on how well you care for and maintain them. With an RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aid you have the possibility to change only the receiver or power receiver instead of the full hearing aid.

Q. Why do I need two hearing aids?

A. You need two hearing aids because our hearing system is designed to hear binaurally. There are a lot of advantages. For example, when you've got a hearing aid in both ears, you will localize better where the sound is coming from. This allows you to understand better even in noisy situations. It allows you to hear more naturally.

Q. I am an avid jogger. Are there hearing devices I can use?

A. Yes! Hearing devices have come a long way in the last few years. Some hearing aids remember different settings for different types of environments, identify sounds that are coming directly at you, and work together to help you identify where sounds are coming from. Today's advanced hearing devices are also very durable. They are made with your lifestyle in mind, and many are even water resistant. We will work with you to find devices that fit your needs and allow you to keep living life to its fullest.

Q. Will wearing a hearing aid make me dependent on it?

A. You will realize how much you were missing out on and that is a good thing! Wearing hearing aids does NOT change how much natural or residual hearing you have. While you will certainly hear better and differently with the hearing aids on, your natural hearing remains intact even when they are removed. Wearing both instruments consistently will provide the best results.

Q. Will wearing hearing aids make my tinnitus worse?

A. The majority of patients that start wearing hearing aids report their tinnitus either remains the same or lessens in severity with the use of hearing aids. Those who experience tinnitus generally report it is most bothersome when they are in quiet environments, and using amplification helps this by allowing the user to hear more around them. Now the brain is kept busy by processing the external input it receives from the environment and therefore focuses less on noise perception caused by tinnitus.

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