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Carlos has an extensive background, vast experience, and dedication to the hearing healthcare community. His career began in Cuba in 1975 when he graduated as a Medical Doctor. After several years as a general practitioner, he took a three years residency in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, finishing in 1984.

Specializing in treatment of the Ear Nose and Throat, Carlos became an Assistant Professor of the Central University School of Medicine in Santa Clara, Cuba. In 1991, he began his full-time post graduate training in Audiology and arrived in the United States two years later.

Carlos earned his Florida Dispensing License in 1996. He is Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instruments Sciences (NBC-HIS) and holds a certificate of completion for American Conference of Audioprosthology (ACA).

Carlos practiced for nationwide companies until he decided to open his own practice in 2001. Since then, he has been successfully running Alonso Hearing Aid, Corp. He participates in different events, conferences and workshops offered for the top hearing aid manufactures to make sure he stays up to date on the latest hearing aid technologies.

A Variety of Solutions for Your Hearing

Given the expertise that we have aquired through years in the industry, we can provide much more than hearing aid fittings. For example, if you have a severe hearing loss, we would examine your speech recognition. If you have a very low speech recognition, normally hearing aid won't be very helpful for you and we may send you to the ENT to make a hearing plan. Sometimes if speech recognition is less than 30% a cochlear implant is better for the patient. This is in the profound hearing loss. Severe to profound hearing loss.

Another condition that may require a different solution is if you have a single-sided hearing loss. With single-sided hearing loss, if the good ear is really good, we can do the transcranial ferry with a tiny IIC or CNC in the worse ear to cross over the sound through the bone to the other side.

The best way to determine what solution is right for you is to come in and make a hearing care appointment.


Sure, we can talk about ourselves and tell you all about the great hearing care services we bring to Miami, but wouldn't you rather hear what our happy patients have to say?

5/5 Based on 5 Reviews

"I have known Alonso Hearing Aid for 6 years, from the beginning I trusted their excellent products, excellent services and have achieved excellent results."

"Very professional, they solved my hearing problems and made me feel better."

"Their service is very friendly and are very helpful with everything. I really do feel that I am someone very special as a customer."

"Best audiologist ever!!! Ever so humble. I had issues with my hearing aid and called him about it and he would say, just come over and let me look at it. With the other corporate, oh you need to make an appointment. Hearing aid shouldn't be that way because I worked at retail stores as a sale associate at the time and sometimes I need to get it fix like asap. With this doctor, I did not have that issue because he knows the important of hearing the world. So I left corporate to help local business."

"Excellente servicio. Desde que lo conoci me impresiono su profesionalismo."

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